10 Ways to Improve Your Smile


Your smile is the first thing that people notice about you. Having clean, healthy teeth can enhance your smile while the opposite can have a negative impact on your personality. Here are 10 tips to maintain healthy habits for a ravishing smile all day – everyday.

1.    Floss Daily

The toothbrush cannot reach places like the edges of your gums and in between your teeth. Plague can built up if teeth are not cleaned properly. Flossing prevents this from happening and ensures clean teeth, ultimately preventing tooth loss and decay.

2.    Visit your Hygienist Twice Every Year

Having a routine cleanup after every 6 months will promote good oral health. Your hygienist will clean tartar and stains from your teeth and also check conditions for oral cancer.

3.    Quit Smoking

Smoking can cause your teeth to develop yellow stains. These stains will not clear up unless you quit smoking. Giving up this bad habit has more benefits for your health aside from giving you a beautiful smile.

4.    Limit your Tea, Coffee and Red Wine Intake

Tea, coffee and red wine can leave permanent stains on your teeth. Although these stains can be cleaned up by a hygienist, it can also stain the enamel. The stains on the enamel are difficult to get rid of.

5.    Choose Whitening Products with Care

When you choose a whitening product, make sure that you get one that is specifically made for the problem. The choices are many and can easily confuse you.

6.    Always Use Good Quality Toothbrush

High quality electric toothbrushes are able to remove plague from teeth. Invest in one to ensure maximum cleanliness of your teeth. If you decide to use a manual one, make sure to use a soft bristled toothbrush as hard ones can damage gums and make teeth sensitive.

7.    Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking lots of water every day helps flush out food crumbs from your teeth. Drinking tap water can benefit your teeth as it contains fluoride. A healthy consumption of fluoride can promote good oral health.

8.    Work On Improving Other Health Conditions

Other health conditions like high blood pressures, obesity, diabetes and bruxism can affect your smile. When one health condition prevails, it gets difficult to treat another. Eating right and having a healthy exercise routine can improve your overall health and smile.

9.    Get Dental Treatments on Time

Dental conditions should be treated as soon as they occur. A simple cavity can grow into tooth decay. If you get a dental treatment on time, you can avoid other serious conditions. A timely action can prevent tooth loss and save the existing tooth by using a minor procedure.

10.   Brush Twice, Every Day

We have been hearing this all our childhood but still tend to forget. Plague can harden to form tartar and brushing twice can prevent that. Brushing your teeth the correct way is another trick that you must follow. Make sure to apply the right amount of pressure to avoid gum bleeding.

A little time and effort can result is healthier teeth and a beautiful smile.

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