10 Thanksgiving Foods Your Teeth Will Thank You For


It’s that time of year, time to give thanks! We do this every year by celebrating with a huge feast.  Traditional Thanksgiving dishes are simply mouthwatering and you just cannot get enough of them. From the snacks to munch on, to the utterly satisfying turkey and gulping down that extraordinary red wine, Thanksgiving is the perfect treat for all. While you are on this enjoyable ride of the ultimate food affair, you mustn’t forget about your precious health. Since Thanksgiving is all about devouring goodness, let’s see how thankful our teeth will be by incorporating these amazing foods into our menu.

Here are the top 10 thanksgiving foods that are as good for your teeth as the treat itself.


Thanksgiving is most definitely incomplete without a giant turkey sitting on the middle of your table. It is the most inviting treat of the event. But, is this turkey tooth friendly? Indeed it is. This star dish of Thanksgiving is a protein packed punch that is good for the teeth. Turkey also contains vitamin D combined with calcium , which helps to make teeth and bones stronger.


Nuts consist of calcium and minerals that helps to strengthen and remineralize the teeth. Chewing on hard and crunchy nuts produces saliva which helps in fighting germs and avoiding decay.


Pumpkin, with its orange color content contains vitamin A that is used by your body to produce enamel.


Similarly, pumpkins, carrots also contain vitamin A that helps in production of enamel by your body.

Leafy Green Vegetables

Chewing on raw vegetables or leafy greens is beneficial for the teeth. The fiber content of celery for instance is good for dental health as it helps clean between the teeth. Chewing raw vegetables also produces extra saliva to wash away bacteria.


Cheese and other dairy products with their low sugar content are good for the teeth. As it is known cheese is high in calcium, which also helps strengthen the teeth. Casein, a protein in milk products including cheese, fortifies the surface of teeth preventing it against cavity.

Don’t forget these amazing fruits!


Pears can add to a number of thanksgiving desserts. Fresh pears have proved to neutralize acid on teeth surface


Cranberry sauce is a must on the Thanksgiving table. Cranberries with their rich nutrients content including vitamin C and A, beta-carotene and potassium out of many others help protect your teeth by eliminating the bacteria in your mouth that produces plaque.


Pomegranates are rich in vitamin C that helps keep the gums healthy. Pomegranates help extensively in the removal of plaque.

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