Dental Safety Tips for Your Children and You this Halloween


Halloween is in the offing with its eerie yet festive vibes. Or let’s just say its ‘sweet’ charm.  For children, there’ll be lots of free candy,  and for adults, there’ll be lots of pies, cakes and other desserts to enjoy.

There is no harm in treating yourself with sweets and desserts at this time of the year. Feel free to indulge and satiate your sweet tooth cravings as long as you keep these dental health tips in mind.

Time it Right

It is better to eat Halloween candy and desserts at mealtimes because saliva production in the mouth increases during this time. Enzymes in the saliva help in neutralizing the bacterial acid production in the mouth due to sweet dietary items. Munching on candies and cupcakes throughout the day is not good for you and your children. It can jeopardize your dental as well as digestive health.

Avoid Clingy Sweets

Taffies, crunch sweeties and gummy bears stick to teeth and reside in your mouth for more time. This increases the risk of tooth decay, especially in children. Stick to those sweets that stay for a lesser amount of time in your mouth and can easily be swallowed.

Take a Brushing Break

In all the festivity and engagement of Halloween, don’t forget to brush your teeth especially if you have eaten a lot of sugary food. But don’t brush immediately after eating because there are foods that can soften teeth enamel momentarily and brushing right after consuming such meals can further hurt the enamel.

Share Happiness and Sweets

Having a candy bowl or a dish of cookies in your reach will tempt you to munch on continuously. It is better to limit your sweet stash. Sharing the sweetness of Halloween with an orphanage will not only limit your consumption and help you prevent tooth decay and cavities, but will also make you feel intrinsically good about yourself.

Water to the Rescue

To prevent tooth decay, drink more water. This can be very helpful since it helps to wash away unwanted effects of sugary foods from your mouth.

Floss your Teeth

Apart from brushing, flossing your teeth is equally important. In between your teeth — where bristles of your toothbrush can’t reach—food particles remain. Flossing helps in removing those particles and the plaque that contains harmful bacteria.

Moderate Consumption of Sweets

Children often stack up a lot of candy in their trick-or-treat bags. Check the bags and look through the type of candies and allow for a specific number to be consumed in a day. Also, educate your children about how eating sweets in moderation is important for good dental health.

Be Cautious with Your Halloween Getup

Some Halloween getups and costumes require you to put makeup on your teeth. Only go for those cosmetic products that are suitable for oral use. Also, be careful with using fake prosthetic teeth since they contain ingredients that can be harmful for your dental and general health.

Regular visits to a good dentistry in your area will help you keep your dental heath in check. With healthier and stronger teeth, you will be able to enjoy the eve of Halloween to its fullest.

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