Important Facts About Oral Health


It’s not just bad breath and yellow stained teeth that result from poor oral hygiene. Becoming lackadaisical about your teeth can result in gum diseases, cavities and even oral cancer.

Here are 5 important facts you should definitely know about oral health care.

1) Bacteria thrive on sugar!

We understand that kids just cannot get enough of candy, chocolate and other sugary treats – but everything should be taken in moderate amounts. Bacteria in the mouth actually use sugar from these ‘junk’ foods to proliferate, producing acids which can damage or even dissolve your teeth over a period of time. It won’t happen overnight though – don’t let the slow burn fool you however, the tooth decay is definitely happening. More so if you’re not brushing your teeth and missing your appointments with the dentist!


2) It takes time to get rid of the plaque

Plaque is the thick layer coating your teeth which houses a massive plethora of harmful bacteria that can damage your gums and your teeth overtime. The rule of thumb most dentists preach on a regular basis is to brush your teeth for 2 to 3 minutes twice daily. It is important to maintain this frequency of oral hygiene otherwise your act of brushing teeth would be a complete waste of time. You can keep track of the plaque by chewing ‘plaque disclosing tablets’ which will help you to locate areas of the teeth still affected by plaque.

3) Maintain the right pH value of the mouth

Bacteria thrive in an acidic environment. Try to look out for the pH value of the foods and drinks that you purchase, take them in moderation if they’re acidic and immediately brush afterwards. Tooth decay usually starts at pH level of 5.5. An alkaline environment can be cultivated by eating more vegetables which will help neutralize the acidity of the mouth. Additionally limit your consumption of dairy products and coffee. It is recommended to get your mouth’s pH value checked by a dentist.


4) Rinse the mouth to reach areas your toothbrush can’t

The deeper parts of your mouth cannot be reached. No matter how much you twist and turn the toothbrush, it just cannot reach those hard-to-reach places. A big mistake most people make is to forego the act of flossing and gargling, both of which are designed to help with this problem. Supplementing your toothbrush with these two is definitely going to prevent the growth of stubborn bacteria which are otherwise able to avoid the cleaning affect of the toothbrush. It is advisable to use a good mouthwash after consulting with your dentist.

5)  Get dental sealants

You will have to visit a dentist for this one. Dental sealants have become a popular option for many parents after awareness of its importance has grown over the years. A dental sealant is a very thin layer of plastic coating that covers the chewing surfaces of teeth, creating a shield over the enamel. This coating effectively seals food and bacteria from reaching the nooks and crannies of the teeth that cannot be reached by regular flossing and brushing. Parents are recommended to equip their children with dental sealants as early as is possible.


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